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Connect 123 HP Deskjet 2655 to Wi-Fi

For 123 HP Deskjet 2655 Wireless Printer Setup, Switch on Wi-Fi Direct by Selecting Wireless Button and
Resume Button on Deskjet 2655 Printer. Try to open the list which is available
on the Computer and Connect it to the HP Deskjet 2655 Printer.


Steps for HP Deskjet 2655 Installation Process

  • Check out the requirements needed for 123 HP Deskjet 2655 Wi-Fi Printer Setup. Switch on your computer and router then Set-up Deskjet 2655 printer.
  • To use wireless (Wi-Fi) network on 2655 printer, you need the following requirements given below:
  • Connect your computer to the wireless (Wi-Fi) network.
  • The HP has recommended you the broadband internet access for downloading the software with the use of web service and printer updates.
  • Confirm that your router and PC are switched on.
  • And make confirm that your computer and HP DJ 2655 Wireless Printer are Connected to the same wireless (Wi-Fi) network.
  • Now, Setup Deskjet 2655 printer and load in the paper into the input tray, then install the ink cartridge.
  • To know more, go to for Wireless Printer Setup.
  • Then switch on 2655 printer. And keep it within the specific area of your router during the printer setup process.

How to Install 123 HP Deskjet 2655 Printer Software?

  • Download and install the full feature of the HP Deskjet 2655 Printer driver for 123 HP Deskjet 2655 Setup Installation.
  • It includes the Wi-Fi print drivers and HP printer assistant software for the scanning and other printer related functions.
  • Just disconnect if any of your USB cables connected to HP 2655 Printer.
  • Visit to 2655, click on the download button and run the HP Easy Start.
  • When it recommends you to select Deskjet 2655 printer name, tap on my printer is not shown.
  • Then tap continue and choose wireless network if suitable.
  • Tap continue and follow the instructions that is displayed on on-screen to complete the set-up.

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123 HP Deskjet 2655 Wireless Printer Setup

Most of the people interested to use 123 HP Deskjet 2655 Printer because of its Wireless Printer Setup.
Visit to Get Excellent Support and Setup for
123 HP Deskjet 2655 Driver Download.


If HP Deskjet 2655 Printer Connection Drops or Change Password?

  • Just Restart Deskjet 2655 printer and your computer.
  • Make confirm that your power button light is switched on. Touch the power button, if the light does not blink, to activate the printer from the sleep mode.
  • Give an attempt to print. Continue with these given steps if any issues persist.
  • Touch the wireless button icon and information button icon on 2655 printer control panel at the same time.
  • Find out your IP address on the page.
  • If you did not find an IP address from the list, and your router are not connected. View the following approaches to connect and to find Deskjet 2655 printer’s IP address.
  • Log in to the router configuration. Find out your IP address listed with an attached device.
  • Touch and hold on the wireless icon button on HP Deskjet 2655 printer wait until the wireless light on, and touch the WPS button on the router. Wait until the light get stops blinking. Then find out your IP address.
  • Switch on your Wi-Fi direct by pressing wireless icon and resume icon button at a time on 2655 printer control panel. Now, open the available network that is listed on your computer and then connect your computer to the printer.
  • Enter your IP address in the address bar in the browser and then tap Enter.
  • Click on your network tab and tap wireless (802.11), then tap network address.
  • Choose manual IP and tap suggest a manual IP address.
  • Tap apply, and restart Deskjet 2655 printer.

If you don’t know Wireless Network Name & Password of Deskjet 2655?

  • Wireless network password is compulsory and needed to connect to your computer, wireless printer, phone device and other kinds of wireless devices to connect your wireless network.
  • When you accept the internet service, your internet service provider gives you a network password. The network password might be named as wireless, password to secure, WPA2 password or WEP password.
  • If you are not able to find out your network password, contact to for help.

Different Ways to Know your Network Password in Windows Computer

  • If you have connected your network to any other device, view the password in that device.
  • Right click on the Wireless Network icon and choose Open Network and Sharing Center.
  • Choose Change Adapter Settings.
  • Tap on the Wireless (Wi-Fi) Properties.
  • To view the wireless network security key for your password, tap on the security tab and choose the Show Characters check box.
123 HP Deskjet 2655 Wireless Printer Set-up for Mac

123HP Deskjet 2655 Wireless Setup Guidance and Instructions are available on the
That could be Beneficial to People who are newbie to make Use of 123
HP Deskjet 2655 printer for First-Time.


123 hp deskjet 2655 mac wireless setup

How to Prepare Deskjet 2655 for Installation Process?

  • Just connect to your wireless network.
  • Confirm that your computer and printer are connected to the same network.
  • Now, setup the 2655 printer and load the paper in the input tray and install cartridges.
  • Switch on Deskjet 2655 printer and within range keep your computer close to you.
  • Just disconnect if any of the USB cables connected to the printer.

How to Restore Default Settings on Deskjet 2655 printer?

  • Reset Settings for Network to use 123 HP Deskjet 2655 Wi-Fi Setup, so then your connection get completes.
  • Confirm that your wireless light is bright on the printer control panel.
  • Proceed with next step to install the software using HP auto wireless connection feature.

How to Reconnect HP Deskjet 2655 Wi-Fi Printer Setup?

  • Switch on your wireless printer.
  • On the display, touch the right arrow and then press setup.
  • Choose your network from the set-up menu.
  • Choose the Wireless Set-up Wizard (WSW) from the network menu. That will search in for wireless routers within your range.
  • And finally, pick out your network name (SSID) from the available list.

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