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123 hp officejet pro X476DN airprint setup

123 HP Officejet Pro X476DN AirPrint Setup Officejet Pro X476DN is the finest and dynamic security enabled printer which especially used for office use. You can use 123 HP Officejet Pro X476DN AirPrint Setup. AirPrint is a feature of mobile printing that lets you print from iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

The apps that are using iOS printing system can also print by using AirPrint. To search and communicate directly with AirPrint enabled printers on same wireless network. AirPrint use Bonjour network and it does not necessary for any printer specific drivers.

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Tips for Setting up Officejet Pro X476DN Printer for AirPrint

Be sure that your Apple iOS device and 123HP Officejet Pro X476DN printer are supporting AirPrint.
Verify once whether the PC and the iOS device had connected on the
same wireless network.


Setup 123 HP Officejet Pro X476DN to Wi-Fi Connection

  • Verify, if any USB cable or Ethernet cable had connected. If connected remove it.
  • After disconnecting USB Cable From the printer, you may begin to enable the 123 HP Officejet Pro X476DN Wireless Network Setup Process.
  • Choose Setup option from the control panel.
  • Select wireless connection and go to menu option.
  • Then, pick Wireless Setup Wizard option.
  • Complete the 123 HP Officejet Pro X476DN AirPrint Setup by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, try to print.
  • If problem persists then go the Wi-Fi direct connection.
  • Actually, Wi-Fi direct helps you to get connect easily with your Computer Device and HP Officejet Pro X476DN Printer.

AirPrint Setup on Officejet Pro X476DN Wi-Fi Direct Connection

  • By using Wi-Fi direct or HP direct connection option connect your OJ Pro X476DN printer directly to your iOS device.
  • From the control panel of printer turn on Wi-Fi direct.
  • Go to Wi-Fi settings in settings menu of your device.
  • Choose Officejet Pro X476DN from the existing list.
  • Verify whether Officejet Pro X476DN Printer begins with ‘DIRECT’
  • If you need to enter a password, the default password is 1234678.
  • Open the photo or document on your iOS device and try to print.
  • In the display menu option click share icon.
  • To get print a file or document press print icon.
  • Select Officejet Pro X476DN Printer.
  • To change the settings as per your requirements, go to options menu.
  • Choose how many copies do you want and then press print.

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How to Get Print by Using iPhone, iPad and iPod?

For Apple mobiles, Apple AirPrint is a built in wireless printing solution.
From most of the iOS apps which are having the print feature
you can print your document or a file.


123 HP Officejet Pro X476DN Network Connection Setting up

  • To use AirPrint your Apple device and HP Officejet Pro X476DN Printer have to connect wirelessly.
  • Before Setting up a connection, check whether your Apple device is having Wi-Fi option on.
  • Be sure that you connected to your network name only, if not click on the name of your network.
  • Checking of the printer connection status done with two ways:
  • If the printer having the touch screen, then press wireless icon and then go to network settings or Setup to check the connection status.
  • In the printer which not having touch screen, press the wireless & information at a time or press wireless and start copy black buttons at the same time.
  • Then a Wireless Test report will print with the network status connection.
  • Depending on the connection Officejet Pro X476DN Printer, if connected then go to printing step. Otherwise, continue to next step.
  • If the printer is having the touch screen control panel then connect the printer to the network by opening Setup, network or wireless menu, then choose 123 HP Officejet Pro X476DN Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Then follow the instruction that are displaying on the screen.
  • Now if printer is not having the touch screen control panel, until the power light flashes press and hold the wireless and cancel button at the same time.
  • Until the connection process begins press and hold the Wi-Fi protected Setup button.
  • After completion of connection the wireless light on the printer will stop flashing.

123 hp officejet pro X476DN network connection settings

Print 123 HP Officejet Pro X476DN using Apple Device

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How to get print by using Apple device?
  • Before to get print check whether printer is turned on, paper is loaded or not and also check ink cartridges installed or not.
  • Now, open a file or document or a photo which you want to print and press share icon.
  • Click on printer option to open printer options.
  • Then, select 123 HP Officejet Pro X476DN printer from the options.
  • Depending on the app that you are using for printing, the settings may vary and you have to adjust.
  • The available settings are size of paper, number of copies to print, black & white printing or color printing, double-sided printing, and page range.
Printing with Mac device by using HP OJ Pro X476DN printer
  • 123 HP Officejet Pro X476DN printer is an AirPrint enabled printer, which helps you to connect your Mac devices.
  • Go to iStore app on Officejet Pro X476DN to enable the AirPrint service on Your Mac device.
  • Search for the AirPrint app in the store.
  • Then, install that app in your Mac device.
  • After Completion of HP Officejet Pro X476DN Mac Setup and installing the app, share the document what you want to print to the app.
  • Now, make preferences to the document by using your app.
  • Finally your document will get print by pressing the print button on the app.

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