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123 hp officejet 6800 wireless setup

123 HP Officejet 6800 Wireless Setup

123 HP Officejet 6800 Printer is the finest inkjet multifunction printer but it is suitable to small office or home. We guide you with the excellent procedures to connect your with certain devices like Smartphone, Tablets, and Computer with identical network. To Configure 123 HP Officejet 6800 Wireless Setup, you've to enable Network Connection. 6800 WPS Setup done by using Wireless Setup Wizard. Just open it and change common network settings to the wireless setup. To ensure the secure connection, HP Wireless Direct is an effective feature. 6800 Printer supports following methods to connect to the wireless network like USB Setup of Wireless, HP Auto Wireless Connect, and Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

Wireless Network connection is most important one to use 123HP Officejet 6800 Printer without connected to any kinds of cables. This type of setup allows you to work from your place to manage 6800 Officejet Printer.


123 HP Officejet 6800 Wireless Setup for Windows

Just Connect Officejet 6800 printer to Wireless Network for Wireless Setup. After that, install the software and driver from from the
Windows computer.Choose wireless as your connection type during the installation. Officejet 6800
Wireless Setup established by using WPS Setup. Use password during the wireless setup.


Step 1: Prepare for Officejet 6800 Installation

  • Before installing the Officejet 6800 Printer on your wireless network, try to collect your password and network name. After that, switch on your computer, router, and 6800 Printer.
  • Collect your network name, password, and internet access. Likewise, Switch Officejet Printer 6800 and try to place it your computer. To avoid malicious users, protect your wireless network.
  • Finally, discard any Ethernet cables or USB from 123 HP Officejet 6800 Printer.

Step 2: Connect Officejet 6800 to Wireless Network

  • The wireless setup wizard offers the best ways to manage and setup the wireless connection for Officejet 6800 Printer. Press wireless button from printer control panel.
  • Choose button which next to settings and pick restore defaults.
  • 123 HP Installer easily finds Officejet 6800 Printer during the Installation process. Utilize the wireless setup wizard to connect with the network.
  • Furthermore, Open a Wireless Setup Wizard, Select HP Officejet 6800 Printer.
  • At last, enter your network password and name to connect 6800 printer with the wireless network.

Step 3: Download and Install Driver for 123 HP Officejet 6800

  • In case you plan to download and install 123HP Officejet 6800 Driver, be sure that you select updated version that is suitable to your system specification.
  • Go to to download Printer Driver for 6800 model and recommended to instructions to install software and driver.
  • Press run option where you want to install Driver. Double-click driver download which is in the .exe format.
  • To finish the driver setup and installation of wireless connection at printer, follow procedures after clicking a download option.
  • Utilize installation CD for downloading Printer Drivers.

123 hp officejet 6800 wireless setup for windows


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123 HP Officejet 6800 Wireless Setup for Mac

To Install 123 HP Officejet 6800 Printer Driver, you must Download Updated Version. During Officejet 6800 Printer Setup
procedure, pick the connection type to your wireless network. You must follow specific
steps to install the wireless connection in Mac like:


Step 1: Prepare HP Officejet 6800 for Installation

  • At the first, you must check whether you have all items. Afterwards, discard all the Ethernet Cable as well as USB cables if necessary.
  • Be sure that your router and computer switched on. Likewise, check whether your computer connected to the wireless network to establish connectivity.
  • Finally, install Officejet 6800 Printer by loading a paper into an input tray and install the ink cartridges.
  • You must make use of wireless network password and name to connect.

Step 2: Connect Officejet 6800 to Wireless Network

  • Before you begin your wireless setup, Officejet 6800 Software must be downloaded both for your computer as well as printer.
  • 123 HP Officejet 6800 Wireless Setup is suitable option to Mac Operating system versions.
  • Select the exact OS which match with Printer specifications. This rung helps to connect with OJ 6800 Printer.
  • Press on Wireless Icon to 6800 Printer touch screen and tap start option.
  • Then, press setup and open Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Suppose you install connection for the first time, Enter Network Name.
  • After that, Enter Network password and Click OK to link 6800 printer with internet connection.

Step 3: Download & Install 123 HP Officejet 6800 Driver

  • Once you connect Officejet 6800 Printer with the network connection, check for the Software and Driver that could be installed.
  • Likewise, download Drivers from by pressing Officejet 6800 Printer Drivers for Mac.
  • Select HP Officejet 6800 Driver based on your Mac Operating System. Furthermore, press download option.
  • HP Easy Start is there in the download folder and double-click on it to initialize 123 HP Officejet 6800 Setup Installation Process.
  • From the Driver Installation Screen, choose Software Install option.

123 hp officejet 6800 wireless setup for mac


123 HP Officejet 6800 Wireless Printer Troubleshooting 6800 offers you to fix all printer issues. When it comes to the 6800 Printer troubleshooting
problems then it includes Print not printing, Printer not responding error, Wireless
connection error, and Officejet 6800 does not connect to Mac.

HP Officejet 6800 Printer not Responding Error in Windows 7
  • If Officejet 6800 Printer shows the error like "Officejet 6800 not responding" at printer.
  • Choose Printer Hard Reset method which helps to reboot printer normally.
  • Before resetting, you are advised to check your printer which connected with the power supply. After that, start 6800 printer.
  • Discard USB cables which connects to your rear of Officejet 6800 Printer when your printer is in idle mode.
  • After that, discard your power cord and ink cartridges when your printer is in On-mode.
  • Let it snooze for a while and try to plug it back power source to the 6800 Printer.
  • Remember one thing; it turns on by itself. If it is not turned on automatically then switch it on manually.
  • Finally, connect USB cables and if it is prompted then print the calibration page.
123HP Officejet 6800 Wi-Fi Printer Does Not Connect
  • In case, Officejet 6800 Printer throws "Printer Does Not Connect" error, try the below steps to fix 6800 printer issues.
  • The first thing, Restart Officejet 6800 Printer and it might show some synchronization error when you connect it with router.
  • After that, switch off your 6800 Printer and try to start it manually.
  • Double-check connection zone of your router. It must connect to the printer properly which is necessary to all wireless printers.
  • Disable your automatic wireless connection and recommended to connect Officejet 6800 Printer to the router via system's Network settings.
  • As everyone knows, HP Printer comes with the HP Print scan and Scan Doctor which helps to diagnose error.
  • 123HP Officejet 6800 Wireless Setup software and driver must be updated. Actually, some of the advanced feature might not support 6800 printer during this error.
  • In such kind of situation, uninstall the already installed Printer driver already installed 6800 Driver and reinstall it from which helps to you.

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