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123 HP Officejet 6800 Scanner Setup

Firstly, set up the printer on a USB cable connection or a network. After setting up Officejet 6800 printer process just install the HP scan driver.
If you want to setup the printer with any other device like HP smart app, visit to
to get the scanning information.


Useful Tips to Scan Officejet 6800 Printer in Windows

  • You can get help from for software downloads.
  • Enter Officejet 6800 printer model name as ‘Officejet 6800 Printer Scanner Setup’ and proceed to tap the download button that is next to the full feature software under the product of 123 HP Officejet 6800 Setup Download process.
  • Afterward, just follow the setup instructions guided to connect the printer.
  • And, select the mentioned option for installation and it contains HP Scan.
  • Place down the documents or photos on the printer scanner glass that you want to scan.
  • Then, close the scanner lid of your OJ 6800 Printer.
  • Go to scan menu on your Officejet 6800 Printer and press the scan button or a touch screen.
  • Choose your PC name and scan the job type you want.
  • Wait to scan until it completes scanning.
  • After that go back to your computer.
  • The scan which has saved in the folder will automatically open.
  • And click on the file name that you saved to view the scan.
  • If the printer is not having the scan button or you need the additional settings for scan functions, proceed with the steps given below to scan from your computer.
  • Search your computer and choose HP OJ 6800 printer. The helper of 123 HP opens.
  • To open the HP scan, tap a scan document or photo.
  • Select by preferring a shortcut and if you want you can change the settings in the right panel.
    • Before saving it you just examine and edit the scan.
    • Select the box that is next to show viewer after scan or show scan preview to form a additional edit settings to scan before saving the document.
    • Change it where the scan saves on your computer.
    • Tap OK button or save icon symbol in the shortcut.
    • For each scan shortcut repeat these same steps.
    • 123 HP Officejet 6800 Mac Setup and Windows 10 Setup are same but quiet different on both.

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123 hp officejet 6800 document scanning

To Scan Documents or Photos in 123 HP Officejet 6800

  • Use the HP Scan Driver to start your scan jobs from your computer.
  • Under the Driver-Product Installation Software, enter 6800 printer name as ‘123 HP Officejet 6800 printer’ then tap to download that is next to the full feature.
  • Follow the instructed setup information to get connect on your computer. And select the installing option which includes HP scan.
  • Load in the paper that you want to scan in the document feeder or else on the printer scanner glass.
  • Search in Windows for HP and pick out 6800 printer.
  • Tap Scan and tap Scan a Document or photo.
  • The HP scan will get opens.
  • Choose a scan shortcut and you may change any scan job settings that you want and then tap the button to scan.
  • If you are a Android or iOS user, then you are recommended to 123 HP Officejet 6800 Mobile Printer Setup that is the Best Option to Beginners.

Guidelines for Scanning to Email for Officejet 6800

Link a scan to your email with the use of Officejet 6800 printer control panel or HP scan. We are having
Extensive numbers of Experience in Offering Instant Support for Officejet 6800
Printer so that We can Provide Top-notch Service.

  • Make sure the following materials for the scan to the email feature.
  • Predominantly scan to email works only with the local email client namely Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Live mail is installed and to set-up on your computer.
  • Web based email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail that must be designed via your local email client to scan.

Now begin the scanning process

  • Some of the printers have the touch screen or LCD menu control panel in the printer.
  • Go to scan menu and choose your computer name and choose the Email as PDF option.
  • Some of the Web-enabled HP Printers has to scan to email app from the apps menu. The app can send the emails directly from printer with the use of printer ePrint email address.
  • The Printers with switch control only or the printers without scan to email menu options.
  • Carry on with these steps to start the scanning process from your computer.
  • Go to Windows for HP and choose the printer name ‘OJ 6800 Printer’.
  • The HP Printer supporter will get open.
  • Tap the button Scan and tap to scan a Document or Image.
  • Now, the HP Scan will get opens.
  • Prefer an email shortcut namely Document to email or else Email as JPEG, then tap the button to Scan.
  • The sample of scan get opens.
  • Then, tap the Send button.
  • A new mail notification will automatically opens with the attached scan.

changing 123 hp officejet 6800 scan settings

How to change the default file scans to save?
  • Use the Destination setting in the HP Scan to fix the Save to Folder on your computer.
  • Search on Windows for HP and choose HP OJ 6800 Printer.
  • Tap the Scan button, and tap the Scan a document or image.
  • Prefer a scan shortcut and click on the Advanced Settings or More.
  • Hit Destination and tap the Browse button.
  • Pick out your folder name in the Browse for Folder Window, and tap the OK button.
  • Tap OK button or Save icon button in the scan shortcut.

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