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123 hp laserjet pro m426fdw mobile printer setup

123 HP Laserjet Pro M426FDW Mobile Printer Setup is the finest and best printer which guard against the threats. It has a capability to print multiple documents with two-sided printing. There are tons of the benefits there to choose m426fdw printer like excellent printer memory, fifty sheet ADF (Automatic Document Feeder), and one high speed USB 2.0.

The main features of 123 HP Laserjet Pro M426fdw Mobile Printer Setup includes fast two-sided printing, low energy use, print from the mobile device, optional high-yield cartridge, scan to various destinations, an easy slide-off glass.

People prefer to use printer because it can scan digital files directly to network folders, USB, and cloud with the business apps. This printer helps to print your required documents with just a press of NFC-enabled mobile device.


HP Laserjet Pro M426fdw - Awesome Mobile Printing Solutions

If you want to get high-quality printing document, choose Laserjet Pro M426FDW Printer from a Tablet, Smartphone, or Chromebook. Majority of the HP Printer model can
support certain options like ePrint Cloud Printing, Wi-Fi Direct, and HP Smart App. By using 123 HP Print Service Plug-in, you can easily
print from Android OS 4.4 or other device to Laserjet Pro M426FDW Printer.


Step 1: Tips to Install 123 HP Print Service Plug-in

Keep remember one thing; icons, menus, and the location of your print settings might vary by device manufacturer and Android Version. And, follow some procedures to install the plug-in like

  • First of all, Confirm whether your android device connected to the same network or Connect LJ Pro M426fdw Wi-Fi on your Android Device and Laserjet Pro M426FDW Printer enabled.
  • From the Android Device, update or install the 123 HP Service Plug-in from Google Play Store.
  • Once the update or installation is completing, pick your Smartphone which helps to switch on your Plug-in.
  • If you are an Android 7 or later Android device user, 123 HP Service Plug-in turns on automatically.
  • Switch off other printer service plugins.

If you do above instructions properly, then your android device ready to print by using HP Print Service Plug-in.

Step 2: How to Print with 123 HP Print Service Add-in

With the help of Laserjet Pro M426FDW Printer, you print documents, photos, webpage, and emails.

  • The User can easily make Print and connect which supports your Devices.
  • Try to open an item which you want and choose the menu icon. Afterwards, decide on the print option.
  • Similarly, choose down arrow that is useful to view the Laserjet Pro M426FDW Printer list. And, choose Laserjet Pro M426FDW printer for printing over the network.
  • Connect both Devices to the same wireless network connection.
  • To change the print settings, choose the down arrow.
  • Once making all the selections, you can start the printing work.
  • You can also refer, to follow the process for Printing on HP Print Service Plugin.

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Useful Procedures to Configure AirPrint for 123 HP Laserjet Pro M426FDW Laserjet Pro M426FDW Printer supports AirPrint. If you want to 123 HP Laserjet Pro M426FDW
setup the HP enterprise, look at the because we have qualified
and professional team to offer Instant Support.


Method 1: Recognize LJ Pro M426FDW Compatibility with AirPrint

  • Be sure that you have the AirPrint suitable Printer. Actually, AirPrint not support in LJ Pro M426fdw Mac OS earlier versions.
  • Mac computer and iOS device can work with the AirPrint in certain application types like photos, mail, Safari, or third-party apps with the built-in printing option.

Method 2: Connect M426FDW Mobile to Same Wireless Network

Suppose you interest to use the AirPrint, M426FDW printer should connect to the same wireless network subnet as to a Ethernet network or Apple iOS device.

Note: Through USB, AirPrint not supported. Suppose Laserjet Pro M426FDW Printer not connected through the USB to Mac computer, then try to use Time Capsule, or AirPort Base Station. To Connect your device to the wireless network, follow below procedures like

  • Switch On 123 HP Laserjet Pro M426FDW Printer and be sure that it is in the ready state.
  • Likewise, LJ Pro M426FDW printer should connect to the wireless network.
  • As well as, iPhone, iPad, Mac Computer or iPod touch connect to identical network setup as the printer.

Method 3: Download Updated M426FDW Firmware on Computer

Some of the older printer requires firmware update which enables compatibility with the AirPrint. In fact, Firmware upgrade might not necessary until and unless it recommended to specific printers. After that, follow below steps to download the printer firmware like

  • Refer and pick software and drivers for 123 HP Laserjet Pro M426FDW Mobile Printer Setup.
  • Choose Laserjet Pro M426FDW and press Submit. Basically, the driver and software download page may open with the specific options as per M426FDW printer.
  • To get more information, press the firmware file name under a firmware option.
  • If necessary, pick the readme file which helps to device the finest upgrade method.
  • Suppose your firmware update completed, switch off and switch on HP Laserjet Pro M426FDW Printer.

123 HP Laserjet Pro M426FDW Airprint Setup

123 HP Laserjet Pro M426FDW Airprint Setup Offers excellent numbers of the advantages to people like Print,
Scan and Copy High Quality Documents and Images. We have Quality Team to
provide Excellent Support to our clients.

Change HP Laserjet Pro M426FDW AirPrint Name

Suppose the multiple Laserjet Pro M426FDW Printers connected to the same network, just utilize the AirPrint name which is useful to choose the printer from Apple device. To figure out the Printer AirPrint Name, follow the instructions such as

  • Firstly, open your required web browser and enter your host name or IP address in the URL or address field to open the EWS (Embedded Web Server).
  • Press the networking tab and then choose Wireless Direct Setup.
  • Under the SSID field, enter 123 Laserjet Pro M426FDW which is used with the AirPrint. Press Apply.
Instructions to Setup AirPrint for iOS Device or Computer

If Laserjet Pro M426FDW Printer connected to the Ethernet or wireless Network Setup for LJ Pro M426fdw, iOS device must detect M426FDW printer. To print the document via Wi-Fi, make sure that iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone has the persistent internet connection. If you want to directly print for Laserjet Pro Printer M426fdw rather than Wi-Fi, check whether wireless direct configured on M426FDW printer.

  • Open wireless menu under the control panel.
  • Choose the wireless direct and it must be turned on.
  • To print through Wi-Fi, make sure that your phone has excellent internet connection.

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