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Setup 123 HP Laserjet Pro M148DW Printer for Airprint

Setup 123 HP Laserjet Pro M148DW Airprint Setup is the simplest method. Laserjet Pro M148DW will support the Airprint
device. You can use the Apple’s AirPrint device to print the wireless network connection to the 123
HP LJPro M148DW Printer from an iPhone, iPad, iPod.


123 hp laserjet pro m148dw airprint setup

  • Firstly, confirm that you have an Airprint which is suitable for 123 HP Laserjet Pro M148DW Airprint Setup.
  • Before using the Airprint, check whether your Apple device can use for the Airprint.
  • Be aware, that you have the apps which can be used with the Apple Airprint device.
  • Fortunately, Mac computers work with the Airprint which helps to the effective printing quality.
  • IOS Apple device will work with the Airprint IOS device in the below application types.
  • Photos, Mail, PDFs in iBooks, Safari and to get the third-party apps to print, visit to to get the suitable Apple Airprint device.

How to Connect Airprint to 123 HP Laserjet Pro M148DW

If you wish to connect 123 HP Laserjet Pro M148DW Printer to Computer then you must follow some
Instructions which is available on the Laserjet Pro M148DW because
we Provide handy Steps for Airprint Setup.


Tips to Connect Airprint to Same Wi-Fi Network to M148DW Printer

  • Connect Setup 123 HP Laserjet Pro M148DW Printer for Airprint to the same Wi-Fi to HP LJ Pro M148DW network to use the Airprint Apple Device.
  • If Laserjet Pro M148DW printer is connected through the USB connection to the Mac computer, just remove it. Airprint will not support to USB connection.
  • Switch on M148DW printer and keep that in a ready state.
  • Confirm that Laserjet Pro M148DW printer has connected to the Wireless (Wi-Fi) network.
  • Laptops can also be connected through a wired (Ethernet) network or else in a wireless (Wi-Fi) network.
  • For further details, you can visit and complete the network connection process.
  • After enabling the Wireless Connection, you may get start to download driver on your Operating System.

Steps to Download M148DW Updated Firmware on Computer

  • Some of the older version printer instructs a firmware update to permit with the Airprint device. To upgrade the firmware is not necessary unless it recommends for the certain printers.
  • If you are seeking for a printer support, then visit due to our quality customer support service.
  • Select HP Laserjet Pro M148DW Printer for Airprint and click on the Submit. The Software page will get opens with the available options for Laserjet Pro M148DW printer.
  • Under the section of Firmware, tap on the firmware file name to get more information. Suppose your firmware is out dated, then visit to update the Driver.
  • Switch off and switch on M148DW HP Laserjet Printer for Airprint once when the firmware update get completes.

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Tips to Change 123 HP Laserjet Pro M148DW Connection

Visit to setup laserjet pro m148dw printer for Airprint, to get more information.
We are there to guide you step by step. You can get 123 HP
Laserjet Pro M148DW support too.


Methods to change M148DW Printer’s Airprint (IOS) name

  • Firstly, ensure that 123HP Laserjet Pro M148DW Printer is Switched On.
  • And, you can change the M148DW printer's name using the control panel.
  • In case, multiple printers of the same models that are connected to the network connection, just use the printer’s IOS name to choose M148DW printer from the Apple device.
  • To identify M148DW printer’s Airprint device name or else you can change the name of the printer to recognize easily.
  • Now, go and open the web browser and enter Laserjet Pro M148DW printer IP address or else in the person name in the address or to get open the Embedded Web Server (EWS) use the URL field.
  • Touch the Networking and touch Wireless Setup for LJ Pro M148DW.
  • In the network name SSID field, enter the name of M148DW printer 123HP Laserjet Pro M148DW printer to use with Airprint, and tap
  • Furthermore, if you have any doubts regarding changing printer's name, you may contact for proceed on.

How to build an Airprint for the iOS device?

  • If 123 HP Laserjet Pro M148DW Airprint Setup is connected to the wired or wireless network, the IOS device will automatically catch the HP laserjet pro m148dw printer for Airprint and there is no additional setup that is required.
  • Instead of Wi-Fi you can print directly to the printer. Confirm that M148DW printer is connected to the active network and the wireless direct is aligned on the laserjet pro M148DW printer.
  • This setting has the specialty, it will allow Airprint to print directly to Laserjet Pro M148DW printer while there is no Wi-Fi connection and no internet is available.
  • Now, go and open the wireless menu from printer control panel.
  • Choose the Wireless Direct and confirm the setting is ON
  • To print through the Wi-Fi, confirm that the iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Press an active internet connection, and the printer’s Airprint name get selected from the wireless network list.
  • Go to your Apple Device and open the Settings then click the wireless networks.Select a network and printer.
How to Print Laserjet Pro M148DW with Airprint?

With the use of Airprint device setup, almost you can print anything to see on your IOS device. The Airprint ready
apps are listed below that is the best and ideal option to people who use
123 HP Laserjet Pro M148DW Printer for First-time

  • Go and open the app that you would like to print from.
  • To get the print option, click the app share icon.
  • Click Print.
  • Click Selected Printer and prefer an Airprint enabled printer.
  • Select the number of copies or else other options that pages you want to print.
  • Click on the Print in the upper right corner.
  • You can take print out maps and driving directions in the Google Maps.
  • And, get a hard copy for a blog or article.
  • By using Laserjet Pro M148DW Printer, you can print out your required notes.
  • In Safari, you can print an entire web page by using the action button at the top of the browser page.

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