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123 HP Deskjet 5085 Printer Setup Download

To make 123 HP Deskjet 5085 printer setup download for the first time, take away all the package
materials. And, connect it to the power cord then install the cartridges and
load the paper into the input tray.


Tips to Remove Deskjet 5085 from the box

  • Take out Deskjet 5085 printer from the box.
  • Tare all the packed materials and remove all the stickers and tapes from 5085 printer.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door.
  • And remove all the stickers and tapes inside Deskjet 5085 printer.
  • Make confirm that you had removed all hardware and packed materials.

Instructions to Connect Deskjet 5085 to Power Cord

  • Plug-in 5085 printer to the power cord to switch on 123 HP Deskjet 5085 printer.
  • Now, connect the power source to the back of Deskjet 5085 printer, then plug-in the other end of the power source into an electrical exit.
  • Touch the power button to switch on 5085 printer.
  • Wait for a while until DJ 5085 printer is silent before you proceed to next step.

Install 123 HP Deskjet 5085 Ink Cartridges

  • Just install the ink cartridges from package. Be aware of touching only the black plastic on the cartridge.
  • Tare the plastic tape.
  • Hold on the cartridge by its sides towards Deskjet 5085 printer. Now, insert the cartridge into its given slot, then push the ink cartridge gently until it reaches its end place.
  • Follow these given steps for other ink cartridges to install.
  • Now, close the cartridge exit door and close the tray.

Tips to Load Paper into Input Tray

  • Lift up the input tray.
  • Place down the paper width guide.
  • Afterwards, load a stock of plain white paper into the input tray.
  • Pull out the extender output tray.

How to Install Deskjet 5085 Printer Software

Finally, HP DJ 5085 Printer is now set up and install the software for Deskjet 5085 printer. Download the updated version for printing software.


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Guidelines for 123 HP Deskjet 5085 Printer Setup Download

HP DJ 5085 Printer helper is printing software to Set-up 5085 printer, scan, checking
ink levels and so on. When you lost something, you can get help from to solve your problems.


Steps to Reconnect 123 HP Deskjet 5085 printer

  • Connect Deskjet 5085 printer to access HP Deskjet 5085 Setup Installation.
  • Tap the button to connect a new printer.
  • When it recommends you to pick out your connection type, carry on by following the on-screen instructions to make DJ 5085 printer.
  • If red X icon symbol displays and your connection get fails, then tap the retry button to proceed to the next step.
  • Switch off DJ 5085 Printer and restart your PC.
  • Then, switch on Deskjet 5085 printer and open the HP Printer helper.
  • If 123 HP Printer helper get opens, the problems are resolved.
  • Just proceed to the next step, if 123 HP Printer helper does not opens or else your connection get fails.

Uninstall the 123 HP Deskjet 5085 Software

  • Before reinstalling the updated 123 HP Deskjet 5085 Driver, just uninstall the HP Printer driver.
  • Disconnect if any of the USB cable connected to 5085 printer.
  • Search in for windows computer and open the printer control panel.
  • Tap programs and features.
  • From the list of installed programs, select Deskjet 5085 printer name “DJ 5085 Printer” and tap yes or uninstall.
  • Follow the given instructions that displays on-screen to finish the software removal.
  • Finally, get restart your computer.

Steps to Reinstall Updated Software from 123 HP Deskjet 5085

  • There is possibility to use the installation CD if the driver includes for your software version.
  • Switch on 5085 Printer.
  • Eject or disconnect if any of the USB cable connected to 5085 printer. The software installation recommends you to attach the USB if it is necessary.
  • Visit to for HP customer support.
  • The page will display let’s identify your product to get started. Tap Printer and enter Deskjet 5085 printer name “HP Deskjet 5085 Printer” and tap the submit
  • In fact, you can change the operating system, tap change and pick out your version then tap change.
  • Below the driver heading, tap download for complete feature of 123 HP Deskjet 5085 Software Setup , or else tap basic drivers for further driver options.

Steps to Restart Deskjet 5085 & Computer

  • Get start the process for 123 HP Deskjet 5085 Setup Download Driver to establish printing work.
  • Restart 123 HP Deskjet 5085 printer and computer to complete the software setup in windows.
  • Switch off 5085 printer and restart PC.
  • Switch on 5085 printer and open Printer helper.
  • If the HP Printer does not opens and printer setup and driver screen displays, tap connect a new printer and follow the given instructions.
  • Finally, get restart 5085 printer and computer to finish the process of installation.
What to do if Troubleshoot Causes on 123 HP Deskjet 5085?

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123 hp deskjet 5085 troubleshooting issues

  • Check out the network connection.
  • Make confirm that your android mobile device and printer are linked to the same local wireless (Wi-Fi) network. And if possible check out for any other network related problems.
  • On your device, make sure that your Wi-Fi is in active status and connected to your local wireless network.
  • Just restart 5085 printer and verify your network connection status.
  • Now, connect Deskjet 5085 printer to the available network.
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