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123 hp deskjet 4676 airprint setup

123 HP Deskjet 4676 Airprint Setup

123 HP DeskJet 4676 printer is best Printer across the World to Print Documents and Images. It has been manufactured for home and small business purpose. Also 123 HP Deskjet 4676 Airprint Setup supports feature. AirPrint is a technology that was introduced by Apple. This feature helps you to print the document from any one of your iOS device like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.

AirPrint use Bonjour network to search and communicate with the AirPrint enabled printers. There is no requirement of printer specific deriver for AirPrint. By using AirPrint you can also print from the apps that are using the iOS printing system.

As we knows, AirPrint is the Protocol and it is Useful to HP Printer User who are newbie to HP Deskjet 4676 Printer because you no need to Install Driver for that. If you are using iOS Device then AirPrint is the best and Perfect Option.


AirPrint Setup of 123 HP Deskjet 4676 Printer

To Setup 123 HP Deskjet 4676 Airprint, you have to get an idea about requirements and how to set up. And also you have
an idea of how to print by using AirPrint feature. Refer 4676 to
Get Immediate Support for Deskjet 4676 Printer.


Requirements for HP Deskjet 4676 AirPrint Setup

  • If the printer and the iOS device meet certain requirements the AirPrint feature can be used without any disturbance.
  • The iOS device that which are using for AirPrint must and should the iOS version 4.4 or later to it.
  • Make sure that Deskjet 4676 printer is supporting AirPrint feature.
  • Deskjet 4676 printer and the iOS device had to Connect Deskjet 4676 Wi-Fi.
  • If not connected verify whether Deskjet 4676 printer supports Wi-Fi direct.

Setting up Wireless Connection on HP Deskjet 4676 Printer

  • Before setting gather details of your network like network name and password.
  • Choose the Wi-Fi icon the control panel of printer and press on it.
  • After that select WSW (Wireless Setup Wizard).
  • Then choose your network from the list, if your network is not there in the list then add Deskjet 4676 printer manually.
  • Once prompted enter WEP key.
  • To use Wi-Fi direct mode you have to follow these steps.
  • Connect you iOS device directly to you DJ4676 Printer by using Wi-Fi direct option.
  • Choose the Wi-Fi direct option from the control panel of the printer.
  • From the settings of your iOS device choose the Wi-Fi option.
  • Then you have to select Deskjet 4676 printer from the network choose menu for 123 HP Deskjet 4676 Network Setup.
  • You have to notice that 4676 printer has to begin with DIRECT.
  • If it asks to enter your password, then enter your password.

Printing 123 HP Deskjet 4676 Documents from iOS device

  • Make sure 123 HP Deskjet 4676 printer had switched on.
  • Then open the file or document that has to print and tap on action button.
  • Press print or print icon depending on the file.
  • Select Deskjet printer from the menu.
  • If you want some changes in the print settings, click on option button.
  • Now you can see the options to change.
  • But the paper size cannot be change. This can be done from the printer itself.
  • Choose the number of copies do you want to print and click on print button.

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Troubleshooting Issues on 123 HP Deskjet 4676 Printer

123 HP Deskjet 4676 Printer might not work due to Some reasons. In such kind of situation, you can get
help from the Deskjet 4676 because we are having Professional and
Experienced team to Offer an Instant Support to our clients.


If HP DeskJet 4676 AirPrint not Working

  • Go through the below steps if DJ 4676 AirPrint not working.
  • Be sure that HP DJ4676 Printer is on the router range.
  • If not, place it close to the router so that it will receive the signal and performs well.
  • Set your router frequency to 2.4GHz frequency band.
  • Now restart Deskjet 4676 printer and the iOS device.
  • Verify whether Deskjet 4676 printer and the iOS device had connected on the same network.
  • It is must and should that 123 HP DJ4676 Printer firmware had updated. If not, it requires updating.
  • Go to Embedded Web Server (EWS) and verify whether AirPrint is enabled or not.
  • If AirPrint is disabled make it enabled.
  • And also try printing from other device.

Steps if HP DJ4676 Print not found for AirPrint Setup

  • If HP 4676 Printer not found on the 123 HP Deskjet 4676 AirPrint Setup the resolve this issue be doing the below basic steps.
  • Make sure that you are not using any public network for printing.
  • See that Deskjet 4676 printer and the device had connected over a same network.
  • Check whether the AirPrint is enabled or not in EWS (Embedded Webserver).
  • If it is disabled make it enable.
  • Verify the AirPrint settings in the printer also.
  • If airplane mode is on in your device make it off and switch on Bluetooth mode.
  • Update the DNS settings.
  • See the network configurations on DJ 4676 Printer.
  • Disable firmware for some time while you are printing through AirPrint. Because, some time the firewall will stop and doesn’t allow the print using AirPrint.
How HP Deskjet 4676 Printer to Print Document in Windows?

To Print Documents on the 123 HP Deskjet 4676 Printer, you are advisable to visit 4676 because
We Provide Instant Guidance and Assistance to 123 HP Deskjet 4676 Windows 10 Setup
that helps to Print Images and Documents based on your needs.

  • Open the file that has to be print.
  • Press Ctrl + P to open the print Windows on your PC.
  • Click on properties or print setup on the Windows page.
  • Then you can make any changes before printing.
  • The orientation of paper is between landscape and portrait.
Printing Document in Mac by Using HP Deskjet 4676 Printer
  • It is required to open the file or document that has to print.
  • The press command + P to Open the Print Windows.
  • Go to print window page and click on properties or print setup.
  • Before you print make any modifications in content under the properties menu.
  • The orientation of the page changes from landscape to portrait and vice versa.

123 hp deskjet 4676 windows document printing


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