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123 hp deskjet 3758 mobile printer setup

123 HP DeskJet 3758 Mobile Printer Setup

123 HP Deskjet 3758 Mobile Printer Setup is compact and User-friendly Product and it provides an excellent and useful printing documents. It provides All-in-One printing functionality in the compact design which helps to print, scan, and copy documents. 3758 comes with fantastic numbers of functions like wireless printing, and Wi-Fi networking along with the Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint. At the same time, it works well with 123 HP Deskjet 3758 Mac Setup and Windows.

Visit to download driver for Deskjet 3758 Printer as well as wireless setup. Just, find out available options to 3758 to print from the Chromebook, Tablet and Smartphone. Most of the printer models can support certain options like ePrint, Cloud printing, HP Smart App, and Wi-Fi Direct.


Features of 123 HP Deskjet 3758 Mobile Printing Solution

Fortunately, different kinds of the Mobile Printing Solutions are there and you can choose the
Best Method as per your wish. Each method is having Unique Features that
could be Helpful to beginners.


HP Smart App

With the help of this solution, scan and print documents, troubleshoot printer problems, and monitor ink levels at your Apple iOS and Android devices. Scan images and documents from mobile device camera, share through email, store on the mobile device, and save to the cloud-based storage.

HP ePrint

123 HP ePrint is the secure cloud-based service and it allows you to print with persistent internet connection. Simply, email your photo or document which want to print it directly to Deskjet 3758 Printer.

Apple AirPrint

By using this feature, print from the most apps which installed on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Select Print option under action icon to print your documents to the identical wireless network.

HP Print Service Plug-in

This mobile printing solution is the suitable option to Android device. Install 123 HP Print Service plug-in and it enable you to print from the Android device over the wireless network.

HP Voice-Activated printing

HP Voice-activated printing might make printing as simple as using Alexa, Cortana, Google Home or talking. Recommended to use your voice to print a huge varieties of creative and everyday document which includes comics, notebook paper, games, forms, to-do-lists, and coloring pages.

Google Cloud Print

Print from the any location to this feature registered printer. It is compatible to laptops, computers, and mobile devices with the chrome browser.

Mopria Print Service

Now a day, mobile printing industry supports many HP Printers. Once you activate Mopria print service at your mobile device through the wireless connection or over wireless network to the printer.


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How to Use Apple AirPrint on HP Deskjet 3758 Printer?

Luckily, Apple AirPrint is considered as effective wireless printing solution. Apart from that, print it from iOS app
that has excellent print feature. Most of the HP Printer can support AirPrint. To make use of the
Apple AirPrint feature, recommended to follow On-Screen procedures like

Step 1: Ensure Network Connection for HP Deskjet 3758

If you utilize AirPrint feature then you can wirelessly connect your Apple device and 123 HP Deskjet 3758 Printer.

  • At first, check whether your Wi-Fi is on from your Apple Device. Suppose you connected to the different network, choose name of your network. In case you don't know about the network login credentials, find out your wireless password from because we provide proper guidance to print with Apple AirPrint.
  • After that, check the 123 HP Deskjet 3758 network connection status. If printers with the touchscreen control panel, press wireless icon which helps to open setup menu or network settings to understand about your network connection status. This is same for 123 HP Deskjet 3758 Windows 10 Setup.
  • Suppose you have printer without touchscreen pane, go to wireless and information button at the same time. Elseways, choose the start and wireless black button.
  • Do the certain things based on your connection status. If Deskjet 3758 printer connected to a network, skip these steps. Continue to the further step when Deskjet 3758 Printer not connected to network.
  • If you face any difficulties to establish the network connection, contact to choose best printing solutions for 123 HP Deskjet 3758 Mobile Printer Setup based on your needs.
Step 2: Tips to Print from Apple Device for Deskjet 3758

By using 123 HP Deskjet 3758 AirPrint Setup, you can easily print photos, documents, and web pages on 123 HP Deskjet 3758 Printer. You are advised to follow below instructions to print from the Apple device like

  • Be sure that Deskjet 3758 Printer Switched on, plain paper loaded in a main tray, and ink cartridges installed properly.
  • Tap the or share icon. Afterwards, open the documents which you want to print.
  • To open the 123 HP Deskjet 3758 Printer options, choose print icon or print.
  • During this process, you must change the print job settings. It might vary based on the app which you print from which includes
    • Number of copies- Choose how many copies which you want to print.
    • Paper- Actually, AirPrint automatically detect your paper size which loaded in the HP Deskjet 3758 Printer or the size which chosen on 3758 Printer control panel. If any error occur like ask to confirm the size or detected size is completed different than the paper in a try then immediately contact Deskjet 3758 Printer.
    • Black & white- Pick to print in the grayscale. But, this option is only available for color printers.
    • Double-sided printing- Certain file types, print on paper both sides.

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